Featured…The Dushi Stay App

Have you finished your holiday? Or do you still have it credit, for example to Curaçao? The borders there reopened on July 1. To ensure that this reopening went smoothly and safely in the following months, the Curaçao Tourist Board, in collaboration with various government institutions, opted for communication through its own app, called: the Dushi Stay App.

The app was launched in August and is now widely used by various visitors to the island. Upon arrival at the airport, they are immediately referred to the app for a healthy and safe stay on Curaçao. The app provides timely and correct information and thus increases the feeling of safety among tourists.

What can you find in the Dushi Stay App?

Your holiday has been booked and preparations can begin. But what should you take into account and what can you expect? Everything you need to know can be found in one app. No hassle with different articles on the internet, where something different is said everywhere. In the Dushi Stay App, visitors will find answers to all their questions about their stay on Curaçao.

Within the app you will find various functionalities; Travel (most used), Health & Safety (popular), General Info, Recreational Services, News and Emergency Contacts. All in all, you will find everything you need to be well prepared to go to Curaçao.

Why an app from Caribbeapps?

Curaçao was faced with the challenge of making the reopening of the borders as smooth as possible, with little time. Caribbeapps, in collaboration with Concapps, is able to deliver quickly and offers a good balance between a suitable design and the right functionalities. This is how the collaboration between the Curaçao Tourist Board and Caribbeapps started.

Curious about the Dushi Stay App? Download it in the Appstore of Playstore. Check it out!