What does Caribbeapps offer your company:

Branded app

Your own branded app, completely in the look, feel & style of your organization. Save time, send fewer mails and reach everyone!

Choose your features

Choose from an extensive set of building blocks to communicate to your audience or share relevant information.

Easy to use CMS

Via our easy to use CMS you can quickly add and share content and manage everything yourself. Target and channel your content and interact with your selected audiences; all can be done on one platform!


Make your app even more relevant! Connect to third party systems (CRM, Finance, ERP) with your app and give your users access to information via one single channel.

Trusted by many organizations

Reach everyone

Send fewer emails and still reach everyone! Easily share news, calendars and other information or send a push message if you want to communicate something important or urgent. Communicate easy by sending messages directly to specific groups, classes and departments or to an individual employee, co-worker, customer or member.

  • Improve communication and reach everyone

  • Communicate to groups or individuals

  • Quickly share last minute information with push messages

Work more efficient

Your own app is the tool to make your processes run more efficiently. This makes sending many e-mails or printed media really unnecessary. Forms and photos can be uploaded and sent directly in the app. Even more convenient; all data is directly stored!

  • Extensive set of digital forms

  • Upload and sign documents directly

  • Quickly share FAQs, procedures and manuals

Enhanced experience

Increase how your relations experience your organization and strengthen your company image. Enable interaction by sharing news and photos that can be responded to with a ‘like’ or comment. Add photos of your employees to introduce themselves.

  • Easily share photos and videos

  • Let users comment and ‘like’ your messages

  • Ask for feedback via a survey or idea box

The benefits of

  • Full corporate branded app

  • Choose your own features

  • Reach your audience easily

  • User management and personal login

  • GDPR proof

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  • Discover the added value for your organization quickly
  • Direct communication
  • All information via one channel


You can test all functionalities without limitations for three weeks. For free! Conduct a pilot project to implement new ideas or identify any deficiencies before substantial resources are committed.


Your content manager will provide content for the app like news items, pictures, videos and other information. The content manager is responsible for creating, editing, posting, updating, and occasionally cleaning up outdated content.


We will only go live when you approve the content of your app. Let’s organize a launch party to start your new journey in communicating in a relevant, simple and easy way.

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